Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bootie for Baby

Making gifts for grown-ups is rewarding and all, but baby gifts are different. You get to choose themes you might otherwise deem cheesy, and indulge in your own, forgotten childhood fancies. Sure you want to appeal to the parents to some degree, but there's more space to experiment. At the end of the day, the baby will forgive you your mistakes and undoubtedly make the gift look cute no matter what. So, here are a few baby gifts I've made.

This sailboat pillow and matching onesie was made for a brand new baby who lives out at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. The pillow was made from an old pillow case I found at the White Elephant Sale and the onesie was found at a garage sale. The anchor is a hand-made stamp and the words were painted by hand with textile paint.

These "applique" sweaters were made for two toddler brothers who live in Chicago. The one loves cars more than most anything, and the other is too young to have clearly defined preferences, so I got to choose! I found the sweaters at Thrift Town and the felt came from Scrap.