Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slow down and Look!

Much to my chagrin, we always took the long route. "We can see the ocean that way" my mother would say. This was no consolation to me. Even as a teeny-bopper, I was always in a hurry. I had no time for beautiful views. Instead I would scan the radio stations, fueling my own agitation by changing channels every 30 seconds and grumbling about the demise of worthwhile pop music. Every once in a while, however, I would find a gem, and leave the tuner alone for an astonishing 3 minutes and 35 seconds. It was then, I imagine, my mother could breathe a sigh of relief (even if the song happened to be Nirvana's Love Buzz or something equally unnerving) and enjoy the expansive calm of the blue Pacific.

My mom now lives in South Dakota, where she grew up, and misses the ocean like a fish out of water. For Christmas this year I decided to make her something that might remind her of those peaceful drives along Pacific Coast Highway.

Most of what you see inside the terrarium was pillaged from various locations, including Ocean Beach, Mount Tamalpais and Gualala. The tiny sand dollar and star fish along with the glass bubble come from Paxton Gate, while the blue stones were purchased at 6th Avenue Aquarium in the Richmond. Yes, I'm on a terrarium kick, and yes, a nature-themed shadow box is next!

Working with my hands relaxes me. So does the ocean. Thanks for reminding me, mom!