Friday, October 2, 2009

Compact disks are useful after all

Compact disks may be going the way of cassettes, but that just means they're getting cooler, right? Or at least, for all uses besides the cataloging of music. I mean, maybe girls dressed in garish flower-print, combat boots and leather jackets will start making necklaces out of them. They are a symbol of the 90s, after all...

Photo courtesy of Phillip Maisel

But all of that aside! This creation was inspired by a video exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum in Chicago. Really, what could be more magical (and surprisingly harmonious) than a disco ball in the forest? Especially if it's made out of recycled CDs! We had to try it out.

Created by Ropka and myself, this is a Styrofoam craft ball (from Pearl) covered in cut-up pieces of old CDs. If you dip them in hot water first, they're a lot easier to chop. Also, use hot glue!